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English B’Yachad (English Together in Hebrew) offers one on one English language tutoring to Israeli young adults through an online platform.

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I had a…type of job interview at a company where I am interning.  In the middle…the interviewer asked that we switch to English.  I continued and explained, in English, what I was presenting to him.  I spoke to him confidently… When we finished, it was clear to me that the courage and confidence I had to conduct the conversation was thanks to my meetings with (my mentor).  During these weekly meetings, I hear myself speaking English, and it gave me a natural and confident feeling to also talk with others in English.

An English b'Yachad student


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EBY provides individualized, online English tutoring and mentoring to Israeli young adults from socially disadvantaged backgrounds who seek improved English fluency and self confidence to better compete in the Israeli job market

  • EBY provides a unique opportunity for North American Jews to be a part of a community of volunteers improving the lives of Israels - and doing so by volunteering from home!


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You can also donate by check by filling out our donation form and sending it along with your check to: Skilled Volunteers for Israel c/o Marla Gamoran, 1755 York Ave, #19C, New York, NY 10128

If you'd like to volunteer as a tutor, click here!

Skilled Volunteers for Israel is a qualified U.S. 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law.

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Skilled Volunteers for Israel

Skilled Volunteers for Israel (SVFI) promotes connection to Israel for Jewish adults through volunteerism and service.  SVFI volunteers support the humanitarian, educational, and social service work of Israeli nonprofit and educational organizations and their work for the betterment of society.   SVFI volunteers are retired and working professionals, academics and teachers who seek to make a meaningful contribution to Israel through volunteering.


The mission of Skilled Volunteers for Israel is to ignite Baby Boomers’ passion for Israel through high impact volunteer experiences in and with Israel.

As a result of the Corona Virus situation, Skilled Volunteers for Israel has suspended in-person volunteer placements.  With Israeli opening up to tourism, we will re-evaluate our volunteer opportunities for 2022.    Please contact us at mgamoran@skillvolunteerisrael.org for more information.  

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