Resources for English B’Yachad Tutors

Check out our recorded training sessions, sites featuring easy English articles and readings, tips for grammar and pronunciation, work-related hi-tech suggestions.


Do you have go-to suggestions for tutoring and mentoring your student?  Drop us an email at to share and we’ll add to this page!

Training Sessions – Recorded

The Skilled Volunteers for Israel Youtube channel includes all the video recordings of trainings and group chats for English B’Yachad:    training videos 


The English B’Yachad Training Resource Guide: Tutoring Resource Guide v10 25.8.2020
Finding Text Opportunities for Lessons

English at the Movies – a site run by the Voice of America with short video clips that are fun.  Tutor Margie Gann uses these clips for the last five minutes of her sessions and the clips often focus on idioms – both informative and a very fun way to end a session


Use the simple English Wikipedia site (



ESL Topics:  Pronunciation and Language Usage and Intonation

Hadar Shemesh Podcast on pronunciation

ESL Topics:  Sample English  Lessons and Materials

ESL Topics:  Grammar

Visual of Vowel Sounds for Pronunciation
Hi-Tech-Work Related Resources

Cover Letter Samples
Blog with 17 must ask questions for technology careers

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