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Visual for Vowel Sounds:
Videos for teaching the pronunciation of letters and vowels: Because these are short and catchy, they can be used even with more advanced students without seeming patronizing. 

     Alphabet (both names of letters and sounds of letters)
     When Two Vowels Go Walking
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Teaching Tenses to ESL Students

Verb tenses with conjugations – Kathy Judd  A game that donates rice to the UN World Food Program for every right answer! There are vocabulary and grammar categories. You can create a group as the instructor and start a competition, tracking how many grains of rice each participant has donated.

Activities for ESL Students:  Quizzes, tests and exams for ESL learners.  Different levels are available and each exercise focuses on either grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary,  etc., with answers.

Preparing for the Test & Practice Tests - AMIR: This website offers practice tests with answers for the Amir English placement test that many students need to take so that they are placed in the correct level for their English credit at university.

Breaking News EnglishLeveled reading comprehension website that has a variety of exercises (comprehension, grammar etc) and the articles are very timely and interesting. New short (1-2 paragraph) articles are published every week.

USA Learns:  There are various levels of English plus job skills. (Also citizenship preparation, which doesn’t apply here.) Some of the lessons have students record themselves, and there’s a minimum standard for pronunciation.

Khan Academy:  Excellent short videos on a range of English grammar and usage, with quizzes at the end of each unit. Units are followed by short quizzes and students are showered with confetti for right answers.
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