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Tutor Guidelines

Tutors commit to a minimum of 10 sessions. On or just before the 10th session, please check in with your student as to whether you both want to continue working together. Most of our pairs work together well past the minimum commitment.

The primary goal of our program is improved English fluency and confidence in speaking. You need not correct every error you hear your student make. Your job is structure sessions that are interesting and tied to your student’s goals and interests. Once you get to know one another, you can bring in short readings to do together on line and your student may want assistance with reviewing their resume in English or practice interviewing. If you get asked for these things, please feel free to reach out and ask us for suggestions.

If your student misses a session without prior notice, please let me or Minna Wolf know so that we can follow up. We take the commitment that you are making to tutor very seriously and want to know if you are having any trouble scheduling or meeting with your student.

We expect you and your student to meet weekly unless there are mitigating circumstances. The power of the program is in the regular communication and practice that your sessions with your student provides and consistent weekly meetings are a key to that success.
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